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Personal experience on the Basque handball court

Every Saturday morning we offer you the opportunity of a ‘Personal experience on the court’. Students from the local Jai Alai school practice in the fronton.

If you come at 11:00, you will see the ambiance, you will learn about the game. Then, at 11:30, you will step onto the court with a monitor from the school who will help you ‘put on’ the curved Jai Alai wicker basket, and teach you some basic notions of the game. You will get to practice for half an hour under supervision.

What you’ll remember afterwards:

  • A huge building and the sound of the bounce of the ball.
  • An impressive Basque ball court, as well as the feel of the leather glove on your hand and your skill.
  • Having met an Olympic champion and lover of Jai Alai, who will have painted a picture of the history of the game, intertwined with his own experiences.
  • Immortalise the moment with a photo wearing the helmet and holding the Jai Alai basket! A must!


1. Personal experience on the ball court

Skill on the ball court

  • When: Saturdays at 11:00
  • Time: almost an hour
  • Languages: Basque and Spanish (English available upon prior request)
  • Minimum group: 4 people
  • Maximum group: 24 people
  • Price: €5 per person
  • Prior reservation: 2 days in advance

For more information: +34 658 750 627
Frontón Jai Alai: