Near Gernika


The wall-less and canvas-less paint gallery

Art transcends all borders. Some time ago, the pine trees in Oma Forest learnt this lesson, and ever since then, they have been displaying colours, masks and eyes.

Oma Forest

There is no charge to visit the forest. The itinerary is an ode to free will. In fact, in Oma it is advisable to get lost, within reason of course, and wander among the tree barks cum canvasses. Marvel at the traces of rainbow over the numerous tree trunks, and seek out the eyes and human figures scattered throughout.

How to get there:

By car: From Gernika-Lumo, take the BI-638 along the by-pass heading towards Lekeitio until Barrutia roundabout. Continue along the BI-2238 take the first right after Idokiliz district onto the BI-4244 and continue until the end of the road where there is a car park in Lezika.

By train: Euskotren (+34 94 625 11 82) to Gernika. There is no railway service to get to the Oma Forest from Gernika, so one must walk the rest of the way. Approximate distance: 7 km.

By bus: Bizkaibus (+34 902 22 22 65) to Kortezubi. There is no bus service to Oma Forest from Kortezubi, so one must walk the rest of the way. Approximate distance: 3 km.

Please note:

Regardless of how visitors arrive, the route, which starts at the car park of Lezika Restaurant, must be followed on foot. Motor vehicles are not permitted whatsoever in Oma Forest, except on the service road for local residents.

Comfortable footwear or appropriate for trekking is advised, as some paths in the Forest are rather steep.


  • Total distance:7.4 Km
  • Maximum incline: 204m
  • Approximate time: 2 hours minimum for the walk plus whatever time one wishes to spend.
  • Accessibility: Oma Forest is neither wheel chair accessible, nor baby pram accessible.
  • Services: Car park, leisure area (picnic tables, waste bins, fountain) and Bar-Restaurant.
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